University of Health Sciences Technology Development Zone Health Technopolis, development of projects and innovative national products including health technologies based on human and public health, acting in accordance with the needs of national and international internal and external stakeholders, in multidisciplinary knowledge, methodological and system and to develop model mechanisms that feed R & D and innovation activities that will create high added value, and to successfully contribute to the economic value of our country by commercializing products by successfully completing this process.


Health Sciences University Technology Development Zone Health Technopolis is one of the few centers in the world in innovation and technology transfer that will support the development speed of our country in the field of innovation and technology transfer to support the development speed of our country in the field of health, to develop national and international projects with the accumulation of scientific and technological knowledge, to be a pioneer in the field of health technologies and pharmaceuticals, to encourage entrepreneurs in the commercialization of intellectual property rights. has the vision to be someone.